Scott Langley
President and Chief Executive Officer

Scott is the founding partner of RESH, Inc. and created the company in 1988 with the assistance of three other partners. He earned his Bachelors of Science in Business with minors in finance and hospital administration from the University of Massachusetts. Scott continues to build the company on the strong foundation of providing excellent customer service and quality products.

Andrew Langley
Chief Financial Officer

Andrew joined the team at RESH, Inc. in September of 2014 after 10 years in healthcare. He is a licensed pharmacist and worked solely at Rhode Island Hospital during that time. His financial/business experience was gained during the last few years at the hospital where he was responsible for pharmacy business operations and contracting.

John F. Chaves

John is a key member of the RESH, Inc. team and manages several high profile accounts. The enthusiasm and passion he demonstrates each day is infectious. He is always willing to meet and collaborate with existing or potentially new customers. John has worked at RESH, Inc. for nearly 15 years.

Joseph (Joe) Furtado
Manufacturing Manager

Joe has successfully and efficiently led the manufacturing team at RESH, Inc. for nearly 15 years. He can always be counted on to have the latest information on the production status of any in-process job. Joe effortlessly manages the team and ensures parts are manufactured on time and to the customer’s specifications.

Roger Tardie
Product Design/Engineering Manager

Roger is the longest tenured employee at RESH, Inc. with just over 25 years of valued service. He began his career at RESH, Inc. as a brake operator and gained increasing responsibilities during that time. Roger has served as the company’s Product Design/Engineering Manager for more than 10 years. He is quite proficient and knowledgeable of the various design software packages along with the machine capabilities and sheet metal limitations.

Antonio (Tony) Soares

Tony has been a valued and trusted employee of RESH, Inc. for nearly 10 years. He has an extensive background in programming and operations of various laser and turret punch press machines. Tony started at RESH, Inc. as a turret operator and was quickly promoted to Engineer. He is also a certified forklift trainer and ensures company employees are trained and comply with applicable safety policies and procedures.

Renee Riel
Purchasing/Office Manager

Renee is the Purchasing Specialist at RESH, Inc. and also serves in a dual capacity as the Office Manager. She has been a loyal employee and valued member of the team for nearly 20 years. Renee began her career with the company as an order entry clerk/receptionist and progressed to her current role. She has the critical responsibility of ensuring that all necessary materials and supplies are on site when needed.

Jessica L’Etalien
Order Entry/Receptionist

Jessica is the first person you will meet when you visit our facility. Her warm and welcoming personality is clearly evident in all of her interactions. Jessica is responsible for verifying all orders for accuracy along with entering the data into the shop system and sending customer acknowledgements. She performs many other tasks accurately and efficiently.

RESH 190

Manufacturing Team