RESH 146

At RESH, Inc. we pride ourselves on the fabrication and delivery of quality sheetmetal products that meet and often exceed customer expectations. We utilize new and well maintained tools and machinery to create sheetmetal products in a wide range of quantities, from a single part to a large run.  We also partner with several plating and painting companies to meet all those finishing and silk-screening needs.

A few of the production services offered include:

 Laser Cutting

 CNC Punching



 Hardware Installation

 Sanding & Grinding



 Painting – Wet Spray & Powder Coating

Silkscreen & Printing

Prototype Express Service

Prototype Express Service is our innovative approach to address those time sensitive projects.  We have a dedicated interdisciplinary team consisting of personnel from engineering, production, and quality control departments. 

Below are a few images of parts that RESH has fabricated over the years.