Exciting News! RESH, Inc. is proud to announce our entrance in the wedding and event planning market.

RESH, Inc. now offers custom sheet metal cupcake stands. These stands are fully customizable from the number of tiers to the frame designs (initials, hearts, logos, etc.). The cupcake stands can also be painted to match any wedding theme or color of your choosing.

This product was developed out of love and necessity.  One of the owner’s sons was getting married and neither the bakery nor the venue offered cupcake stands. The wedding coordinator’s suggestion was to place all of the cupcakes on a table. This suggestion was adequate but we knew there had to be a better option…thus the creation of RESH’s cupcake stand.

The picture below was taken by a family member during the wedding. In the next few weeks, we will have a PDF drawing and additional details available in our product page. Please check back shortly for additional details.

If you are interested in learning more about this product or would like to request one or more stands for your wedding, please submit your information through the contact page.

Thank you.
RESH, Inc. Team